Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Been busy!

A lot of brewers, and people in general, think we are absolutely crazy for using a 1/2 barrel system (15.5 gallons) to supply enough beer for two taprooms. That's right! We're opening a second location in Coeur d'Alene ID mid summer, license permitting.

We brewed 18 barrels of beer last month, I do not want to do the math because it's somewhat depressing. Yes it was a lot of work, yes we are extremely tired, yes it was totally worth it! To be able to have every tap pouring beer during Craft Beer Week was awesome and definitely well received by our customers.

So the plan moving forward is to upgrade to our new 3.5bbl system which is 100% electric. It's actually sitting in the brewery in the backyard right now, looking very pretty. In order to use it we need to hook up a new 400 amp service to the shop. 200 of which will power the new system, 200 will power the rest of the shop. That's right, we are re-wiring the entire brewery to bring it up to code, and to enable us to use the fermenting chambers without constantly flipping breakers. That's going to be nice!

The 1/2 bbl system will be used in tandem with the 3.5bbl system in order to enable new recipe's and hopefully to keep all 22 taps rotating and pouring something new every time one style runs out. We do take requests and have a long list to brew, which is fun and exciting for us.

I started this blog because a lot of people ask about our story, what we've done and what we're planning. So I've promised a lot of customers, friends, and family that I will post something every morning that I'm not brewing, and start to divulge our story, one blog post at a time. This is the start, tomorrow I'll go into more detail about how it all came to be. Cheers!!